Share your Knowledge

Teaching is a noble profession. When you share your knowledge on, you will be teaching many others who are looking for knowledge. In this process of teaching, you will be building your own profile too, which you can showcase on your resume. You get a unique link where all your posts can be seen –<your name>

Share Your Knowledge – Perks and Benefits:

  1. All the content will be published under your name. You can then use the posts to brag about in your CV/resume. It will give a lot of weight to your application.
  2. You have your knowledge and skills documented. Makes a good impression on recruiter and you can use it guide others (hone your mentorship skills)
  3. Letter of Recommendation / recommendation on Linkedin.
  4. Will recommend you to talent-seekers based on your knowledge and performance.
  5. Learn work management skills
  6. Increase your knowledge
  7. Improve your writing and presentation skills
  8. Stipend (variable, depends on the number of posts)

In case you are interested in sharing your knowledge, please fill in this contact form.