NodeMCU to AWS IoT service

nodemcu to aws iot

In this series of post we will see how we can connect a NodeMCU to AWS IoT service. We will see the settings needed to be done in AWS as well as the steps for the NodeMCU.

The benefit with using AWS IoT is that we can trigger many other functionalities such as Lambda, etc, or store data for further analysis. Machine Learning can then be applied on the data for use cases like Business Intelligence.

While it might seem daunting, it is actually very simple and easy. Once you have successfully connected NodeMCU, you can replace it with ESP8266 of your choice.

This tutorial is categorized into three parts:

  1. Create a “Thing” in AWS IoT
  2. Convert Certificates from .pem to .der format
  3.  Connect NodeMCU to AWS IoT Service

Our flow will be as shown in this image –


You will need the following:

  • An AWS account or access to an account as a user with the following permissions:
    • IAM Roles and Policy creation
    • IoT Core Services
  • A NodeMCU or any ESP8266 based board
  • The Arduino IDE with ESP8266 board installed

Let’s get started with the first part – Create a “Thing” in AWS IoT

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