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Hello Everyone

I am an Electrical Engineer with about a decade of experience in Embedded Systems. I am currently working with a major Automobiles company as a Senior Engineer. Over the years I have taken multiple interviews and mentored many students. What I found is that even though they have good grades, the knowledge is somehow missing. Even if they have the knowledge, they are not able to apply it in the correct direction.

With the website, I intend to create a free knowledge hub for those interested in Embedded Systems, IoT and Cloud computing.

Looking for an internship that helps build your personal brand?

I am looking for engineering interns who –

  • Are passionate to learn and/or have knowledge about Embedded Systems, IoT or Cloud Computing
  • Like to share their knowledge
  • Wish to document their knowledge

Perks and Benefits:

  1. All the content will be published under your name. You can then use the posts to brag about in your CV/resume. It will give a lot of weight to your application.
  2. You have your knowledge and skills documented. Makes a good impression on recruiter and you can use it guide others (hone your mentorship skills)
  3. Letter of Recommendation / recommendation on Linkedin.
  4. I am engaged with some start-ups and I can recommend you to them based on your knowledge and performance.
  5. Learn work management skills
  6. Increase your knowledge
  7. Improve your writing and presentation skills
  8. Stipend (variable, depends on the number of posts)


  1. The interns will receive topics on which they have to write. They may either use their knowledge or research on the topics.
  2. They can propose topics which they feel interesting and important.
  3. The write ups have to be easy to understand and follow.
  4. Plagiarism is not allowed – they may refer to other resources but not copy from there and paste here. (this is not a college assignment :P)

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