Polling Vs Interrupts

We may have many external devices attached to the CPU like a proximity sensor, temperature sensor, buttons, etc. These devices also need CPU attention. Lets take the example of a computer. The processor in a computer is busy in displaying a PDF and you click the window media player icon on the desktop. Though the […]

Priority inversion problem

Mars pathfinder is the first mission of NASA’s Discovery program for investigating the atmosphere and other factors of Mars. Although the project was successful from scientific point of view, its path to success was not smooth at the beginning. The system suffered from priority inversion problem – a real-time synchronization problem – soon after it […]

Priority Scheduling for shared resources – semaphores

Safety-critical real-time systems have both functional and non-functional requirements. The functional requirement specifies what an application does while the non-functional requirement specifies the quality of the functional behaviors. Examples of non-functional behaviors are throughput, energy consumption, timeliness, and so on. In the context of real-time systems, the correctness of the system depends not only on […]

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